Estonian nuclear power

The developer of the Estonian nuclear power plant begins geological research

The Steiger engineering office is starting geological surveys in Estonia at one of the potential sites for a planned small nuclear reactor. The works will be carried out in Sonda 150 forestry, Viru-Nigula parish, Letipea village.

Sites for the planned wells will be marked first, and during November, Steiger will drill three 90-millimeter diameter, 25, 60 and 80-meter wells at the site to clarify the geological conditions of the construction.

“A good knowledge of the geological conditions will allow us to be more precise in our planning work and reduce the risks that arise during construction, if the state makes a principled decision in 2024 to support the use of nuclear energy,” explains Teet Nurmeoja, head of the Fermi Energia construction program.

On October 15, the Estonian State Forest Management Center agreed to carry out such research, on the condition that the movement of vehicles off the roads would be coordinated with the Lääne-Viru County Forestry.

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