The Film Festival returns with discounted prices on more than 3000 screens

The Film Festival returns with discounted prices on more than 3,000 screens

Moviegoers who have not yet seen movies such as While the war lasts ,  Downton Abbey , Joker or Zombieland: kill and finish have the possibility to see them the next three days for only 2.90 euros if they go to any of the 3,069 screens that celebrate the Film festival .

It is the seventeenth edition of a party that was born to motivate viewers to watch movies on the big screen, an initiative organized by the Federation of Cinematographic Distributors, the Federation of Cinemas of Spain and the Institute of Cinematography and Audiovisual Arts, which has the support of 351 cinemas throughout Spain.

To participate in the Film Festival, viewers must follow the usual procedures in previous editions, starting to get their accreditation on the official website .

Those interested can purchase their tickets, although exclusively online, both in the websites of the cinemas and in the traditional websites of ticket sales, and as of this Monday, the first day of the Film Festival, also at the box office.

This new edition will feature an especially diverse billboard in terms of genres and nationalities of the films that will be available during the three days of the event.

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