Real Madrid like each other and achieve a strong goal against Leganés

Real Madrid like each other and achieve a strong goal against Leganés

After a forced rest day, Real Madrid returned to the League with its most comfortable victory so far this season . Leganés, a team with an interim coach but who had just won the weekend, was the perfect victim for a white team that only took eight minutes to sentence the crash.

Zidane opted for Rodrygo and it only took the Brazilian seven minutes to correspond to his confidence at the end of a great collective play by several Madrid attackers, with Hazard and Benzema leading the way. But the white momentum did not stop there and in another great action in which many white players intervened the one who entered the auction was Kroos.

In a seen and not seen the meeting gave the sensation of being sentenced, something not usual for Real Madrid since … he left Cristiano.

The Leganés had some threat of trying to get into the game , but with isolated actions. In one of them, a hard shot by Óscar Rodríguez was diverted by Courtois to a corner.

Madrid liked and also took the opportunity to look for kickbacks. In one of them, Hazard entered the area and was shot down. Sergio Ramos was responsible for launching it … but Juan Soriano guessed his intentions and stopped him. However, the cucumber goalkeeper had gone ahead, the VAR reviewed it and the maximum penalty was repeated. The camero, to the second, did not fail.

The second part was a mere procedure that the whites took advantage of to reconcile with a Bernabéu eager to see many goals from his team. Benzema crashed a hard shot into the post and Modric reappeared after his injury and forced a penalty that the Frenchman was responsible for transforming just before being replaced.

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Zidane was able to take advantage and dose his players , something that until now he had not been able to do. Jovic entered and his clear fixation was to score his first goal with the white shirt. He succeeded, but he was canceled. And, finally, in a great center of Carvajal the head of the Serbian arrived to release and round the white man’s hand.

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