Opel wants to score points with these innovations

An overview and exclusive preview of the innovations from Opel 2022. The new models are geared towards the sporty and electric brand with lightning bolts. The Astra starts as a compact and its station wagon offshoot Sports Tourer in the competitive market and the GSe models bring back emotions!

Opel gives electricity – sorry – gas. With exciting innovations, the Rüsselsheimer:innen will continue to make up ground in 2022 and bring the old German brand back to the front. The large-scale model offensive in 2021 will wash many new cars into dealer showrooms in 2022. In addition, there are variants that are likely to cause a stir, especially from a sporting point of view.

Opel Mokka GSe (2022)
As a GSe, the electric Mokka can show off in a sporty way. However, the engine output of 136 hp remains untouched

The focus is on the new GSe abbreviation: this is what Opel will use in future for its most dynamic hybrid and electric models. The start will probably be made by the Opel Mokka GSe, as the then head of Opel’s sister brand Vauxhall, Stephen Norman, revealed to the British Auto Express. In Great Britain, however, the designation is VXR. The well-known performance also remains in terms of efficiency, but sporty ambitious drivers can look forward to tighter steering and chassis. Exclusive spoilers, colors and rims should also be part of the factory tuning scope. The fully electric GSe models will probably also include the Opel Corsa-e.

Also in prospect is the freshly facelifted Grandland GSe, the version of which with a plug-in hybrid powertrain delivers 300 hp like its predecessor. The Astra and its station wagon offshoot Astra Sports Tourer, which have been delivered since 2022, could also benefit from the electrified Grand Sport badge: The basis is the 1.6 liter four-cylinder turbo, which with the electric motor produces 180 hp (133 kW) generated.

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News: New Opel Models 2022

Opel Astra Sports Tourer (2022)
The Praktiker has been available to order since summer 2022. Similar to the compact Astra, a station wagon with the GSe signet will follow later.

In addition to the already mentioned Opel Astra Sports Tourer, another practical model will come in 2022 – exclusively as an electric vehicle for fleet customers. The Vivaro-e Hydrogen with fuel cell drive plays this special role. Not only its range of more than 400 kilometers, but also its charging option by cable à la plug-in hybrid make it a versatile companion. However, the small series will have its price.

On the other side of the price scale, Opel places the Rocks-e Kargo. The single-seater counterpart follows the electric city car presented in 2021, which is available from 7990 euros (as of July 2022) and is aimed at delivery services in the city, on campus or indoors. After its presentation in 2021, the Combo Life high-roof station wagon will now be available with 100 kW (136 hp) and, with a range of 280 kilometers, should make a difference, especially in urban areas.

The same applies to Opel’s largest, the Movano-e. 90 kW (122 hp) and a maximum range of 224 kilometers sound more like the last mile than extended stretches on the motorway. A somewhat broader look into the future shows the new edition of the then significantly beefier Opel Crossland 2024. A model change is also planned for the Insignia in 2024. In contrast to the new Crossland, however, it then becomes a pure Stromer. Until the eagerly awaited Opel Manta, then as a crossover, there are still a few years to go: It should not be ready for series production until 2026.

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