Nobel prizes rewarded only one woman in 2019

IN ONE GRAPH – Esther Duflo received the Swedish Bank of Economics Award alongside two other researchers. Since the creation of the Nobel, less than 6% of women have been awarded.

Thirteen men and one woman: the Nobel podium did not shine by its diversity in 2019. It was not until the presentation of the price of the Bank of Sweden in economics, Monday, October 14, for a woman, the Franco -American Esther Duflo, winner, along with two men, Michael Kremer and Abhijit Banerjee.

The Polish Olga Tokarczuk was well distinguished, but it was in 2018 , the year that saw the postponement of the award because of a scandal involving accusations of rape and conflicts of interest involving members of the Academy.

Since the creation of the prize in 1901, only 54 women have been laureates, which represents 5.8% of all Nobélisés. They won 55 awards, however, since Marie Curie won twice in physics and chemistry.

When there is distinction, it is often shared

Not that women do not like Nobel prizes: they have never refused, unlike men (Jean-Paul Sartre in 1964 and Le Duc Tho in 1973). But the rewards did not rush on them. And when there is distinction, with a price, it is often shared and serves as a pretext for a variety of facades, especially in science.

Nobel: no individual reward for a woman in physics or economics

Distribution of male and female Nobel laureates according to whether they received the award individually or in groups (the detail appears on the flyover).

Of the 247 prizes shared between two or three laureates, 29 are won by women, more than 11%, an overrepresentation when they are only 5% of the laureates. More than half of them have received a reward as a couple or as part of a group, be it a shared Nobel prize or a simple quote. This is the case in 2019, as the laureate Esther Duflo is the wife of Abhijit Banerjee, with whom she shares the prize. Of the 610 persons awarded in scientific subjects, only 0.5% are women individually rewarded (against 24% of distinguished men alone).

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