battery factory

MAN building a battery factory in Nuremberg

Starting in early 2025, MAN Truck & Bus will manufacture high-voltage batteries for electric trucks and buses in large-scale production at its Nuremberg plant.

To do this, the company will invest some 100 million euros over the next five years in the traditionally rich center for the production of combustion engines. The production capacity will be expanded to more than 100,000 batteries per year. Investments in the development of battery production will secure 350 jobs with a promising future. This important investment decision has been made in close cooperation between company and employee representatives and with the active support of Bavarian politicians. The decision gives the traditional Nuremberg location a clear future perspective.

Initially, the batteries, which together with the motors form the heart of the electric commercial vehicle drives, will be manufactured manually at the MAN plant in Nuremberg in a small series production over about two and a half years. Full-scale production construction is scheduled to begin in mid-2023 and be completed by the end of 2024. In this way, MAN is laying the foundation for the large-scale industrialization of electric drive systems for trucks and buses. The commercial vehicle manufacturer is receiving support from the Bavarian State Government, which has pledged a contribution of around €30 million to energy research and technology funding for the period 2023 to 2027, provided the requirements are met. funding and budget requirements. These funds will be used to conduct research on battery assembly, cell chemistry and development, battery safety, and ultimately battery recycling to ensure the sustainability of the propulsion mode.

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All in all, batteries are the result of complex assembly and true power plants: They are made up of battery cells, which in turn are grouped into modules and combined in individual layers to form a battery case (pack). This requires a high level of technical knowledge and strict safety regulations. Depending on the range, a heavy electric truck needs up to six such battery packs. In this way, MAN electric trucks will initially have a range of between 600 and 800 kilometres. In the next generation of battery technology, ranges of up to 1,000 kilometers are expected from around 2026. This will make the e-truck finally suitable for long-distance transportation.

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