Lexus LFR & Lexus LFA

Lexus has decided on the name for the new supercar

The company has applied for the registration of the trademark LFR

In the foreseeable future, the Lexus brand line-up may be replenished with a new supercar in the style of last year’s Electrified Sport concept car, and, apparently, a name has already been chosen for it. Portal CarBuzz drew attention to the application for registration of trademarks LFR and Lexus LFR, filed by a Japanese automaker in the European Intellectual Property Office.

The publication draws attention to the similarity of the LFR and LFA indices – the latter belonged to a model that was discontinued 10 years ago.

The successor to the iconic Lexus LFA was in development a year ago. Then it was reported that the Japanese brand is working on a 1000-horsepower hybrid with an installation consisting of a four-liter biturbo “eight” and an electric motor. According to insiders, such a model will enter the market no earlier than 2025.

Now there are new details about the project. The name LFR is tipped for the future supercar – such rumors appeared on Reddit, and they already have confirmation. An application for the registration of such a trademark is currently in the process of being registered.

As for the power plant, then, with a high degree of probability, the supercar will indeed be a hybrid, but less powerful than originally thought: CarBuzz writes about the return of “more than 700 horsepower.” The possible appearance of a “imitation of a manual transmission” is also mentioned – such a transmission will require manual gear shifting.

Returning to the Lexus LFA, this model was produced for two years and was discontinued in 2012. A total of 500 copies were collected. The supercar was equipped with a 4.8-liter V10 engine with a capacity of 560 horsepower, accelerated from standstill to “hundreds” in 3.7 seconds and developed a top speed of 326 kilometers per hour.

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