Chile, Bolivia and Peru among the countries that most accept mining according to Brújula Minera

According to the survey, the low communication between the mining companies and the population of the exploitation areas reduces the trust indexes

According to the latest report presented by Brújula Minera Latam, 81% of the population of the encestada region considers that mining benefits the communities, while 79% believe that this well-done practice attracts development where it operates, and 50% considers that this is positive for where they live.

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In addition to these results, Brújula Minera Latam shows a series of contradictions that the mining industry faces in the countries of the region in which it operates.

In economies like Chile, Bolivia and Peru, more than 80% would disagree with banning mining in the country; in Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador this proportion is above 60%, and in Argentina it is 56%.

Likewise, in all the countries of the study, the people who consider that the country’s economy would improve if the mining companies stopped operating do not exceed 10%, which shows that mining is still a key factor in Latin American economies.

However, the study also reveals that there are critical issues in the perception of mining companies and that gaps in relationship are those that generate the greatest mistrust of their operation.

Only 27% of the inhabitants of the region consider that the operations of the mining companies comply with the law, 20% believe that they have channels of communication and permanent dialogue with the communities, and only 21% agree that these companies respect the human rights.

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In this way, Brújula Minera determined that only Chile, Peru and Bolivia exceed the mining approval threshold in the region, while Argentina is the one with the least acceptance.

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